Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hope=Pillar for change

Hope; a feelings that ones expectation will be fulfilled in the near future. A student have hope to be a successful person in future, a business person hope for more profit,a researcher hope to give new theory ,a leader hope for the development of the county and so on. Everyone in the world are living in the ship of hope,but does really everything goes well as we hope?

The social status is not ascribed but in our society women are given social status by birth to be inferior to men. Women are treated as the object in their own homes, of beating rape,incest and traditional practices such as honor killings,dowry related violence,genital mutilations,son preference and early marriages furthermore,women are also target of violence in society(e.g.,rape,sexual abuse,trafficking,forced prostitution,pornography). Even today women have to sleep in stables, separate from others when they are undergoing their monthly menstruation because they are considered as “impure”to contaminate others.Still the girls in rural Nepal are married off before puberty. Female are not allowed to walk alone and talk with male friends.Girls are deprived from education because they have to get marry and go to their husbands home.This could be because of customs and traditions we are following years long,which forced the women to tolerate the violence as tradition and part of their life and further more due to so many year of violence women has become habituate to it and thus cannot raise their voice against the torture they face in everyday life.
Questions: is this possible”? Will our dreams come true?

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